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Period Swords & Rapiers

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Developed during the Renaissance as an all-in-one weapon. Versatile, light and big enough to carry for protection. Blade 43cm x 6cm wide.... More

Price: $285.00

Sword of King John

This stunning sword captures all the elements of a sword fit for a king. Has striking gold plated guard and pommel. Comes... More

Price: $475.00

Dark Age Sword ^ Circa 700 AD

Slashing sword with a wide blade. Based on a period type used to fight the Saxons after the fall of Rome. Well... More

Price: $460.00

Historical Excalibur

Fine example of the type of sword used during the Dark Ages. War leaders armed themselves to halt the invasion of the Saxons... More

Price: $470.00

War Sword

A good all round medieval sword used throughout the Middle Ages. Used by English barons in more than one uprising against their... More

Price: $420.00

Erbach Sword

Fine example of a high medieval/renaissance sword. Original in the Schloss Erbach armoury. A bastard sword effective for cut and trust. Highly... More

Price: $475.00

Naumburg Sword

A must-have medieval sword for any collection. Sword taken from a figure of Wilhelm Von Camburg at Nuamburg Cathedral. Rare pommel (Type... More

Price: $455.00

German Sword ^ Circa 1400

A fine example from German sword makers of the 1400s. Used by the French and English knights alike. Hand and a half... More

Price: $485.00

English Two-Hand Sword ^ Circa 1450

A fearsome sight on the battlefield. Beautifully balanced for two handed use. Copy of an original sword in the Royal Armouries. Long... More

Price: $535.00

Oakshott Type XVIII c1350

Truly a knightly sword. German Bastard Sword  of a type that was highly prized all over Europe. Long lightly hollow ground well... More

Price: $595.00


Used as a backup weapon on the battlefield. Sometimes carried in court when swords were forbidden. Foreruuner of many long parrying daggers... More

Price: $235.00

Classic Medieval Sword

A style that saw service for a long time throughout Europe. Oakeshott Type X with Type1 pommel and Type VII crossguard. Wide... More

Price: $430.00

Brass Sword

Limited availabilty. Striking one handed cutting sword. Named after the the great battle of Coutenuova where the Germans routed the Italian Lombard... More

Price: $480.00

Crusader Sword

Exact replica of the sword used by Templar Rene from the movie Soldier of God. Red crosses on the guard ends and... More

Price: $435.00

Sword of St Maurice

A stunning and historically significant sword. Named after Saint Maurice of the all Christian Theban Legion. St Maurice is seen as the... More

Price: $535.00

Chioggia sword

The perfect length one-handed sword. Named after the Battle of Chioggia where the Venetians totally crushed the Genoan forces. Well balanced and... More

Price: $450.00

Long Sword ^ Circa 1400

May also be referred to as the WAR SWORD or GREAT SWORD. Its great length gives increases reach, power and velocity. Long... More

Price: $490.00

English War Sword

Used by English Barons in one of their many battles against the King of the time. Light enough to be used in... More

Price: $465.00

Sword of the Knights Templar – The Accolade

Magnificent sword worthy of any Grand Master or knight. The creed of the Knights Templar is embossed onto the blade reading; Non... More

Price: $595.00

Migration Period Sword

This slashing sword was carried by the skilled warrior during the Dark Ages. Based on a 7th Century design. Wide central fuller reinforces the 78.5... More

Price: $585.00

Oakshott Type XIIA

A good example of the type used for civilian carry. Lighter than the battle sword it excelled for cutting in un-armoured combat.... More

Price: $470.00

Sword of Homildon Hill

During a border raid the Scottish leader, Archibald IV, Earl of Douglas was captured by the Percy family of North Umberland  at Homildon... More

Price: $480.00

Eagle of Brittany Bastard Sword ^ Circa 1380

Beautifully made bastard sword. Named after  Bertrand Du Guesclin, the ‘Eagle of Brittany’ who defeated the English invaders in 1380. Many years after... More

Price: $560.00

Oakeshott Type XIV ^ Circa 1300

A very fast short sword. Features a blade that swells slightly at the top to put more weight in the hand to... More

Price: $420.00

Falchion ^c1250-1300

A very well designed fighting weapon. Favoured by a great many knights and men at arms. Single edge falchion with a wide... More

Price: $410.00


Beautifully balanced and balanced war sword. A sword of legend. Most likely used to slay dragons and evil beasts in the spaces... More

Price: $460.00

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Hungarian Sabre

Cultural exposure of the time is echoed in this weapon. Eastern influence shows in this example of a heavy sabre. Brass short... More

Price: $390.00

Italian Hand and a Half

Large deadly sword used in battles across Europe. Long quillions fitted with rings for extra hand protection. Studded grip for a secure... More

Price: $510.00

15th Century Longsword

A beautiful and very functional sword. This versatile medium weight ‘hand and a half’ long sword was a particular favourite as a... More

Price: $490.00

Renaissance Short Sword

Developed from the sword length version of the Italian Cinquedia. Similar designed blade 71cm x 7.5cm with deep fullers. Added steel rings... More

Price: $440.00

King Henry VIII Ceremonial Sword

Our Choice. Truly a beautiful custom made sword fit for a king. Made to satisfy Henry XIII’s love of weapons and armour.... More

Price: $520.00

Munich Sword

One of the most practical and prolific swords on offer. Several of these swords are in private and public collections. Perfect example... More

Price: $485.00

Renaissance Hunting Sword

Cut and thrust sword used in the hunt and for added protection against robbers. Despatched large game such as deer and boar.... More

Price: $420.00

Sword of Malta ^ Circa 1565

Limited run. Magnificent sword featuring a steel pommel with a deeply carved cross. The cross gave a point of prayer and symbolised... More

Price: $485.00

German Bastard Sword ^ Circa 1510

A perfect example of a true bastard sword. This sword is a working replica of number A477 from the famed Wallace collection.... More

Price: $465.00

Classic Bastard Sword – NEW

Massive broad sword popular in the era. Large, amazingly light and well balanced. Wide 5cm fullered high carbon steel blade. Pommel and cross... More

Price: $465.00

Sword of Pavia ^ Circa 1525

Striking example of the period. The sword is named from the battle in which the French were finally driven out of Italy.... More

Price: $540.00

Italian Falchion ^ Circa 1510

Elaborate weapon used during the Renaissance period. Impressive heavy single edged sword designed for chopping. Used against plate and mail armour. Copy... More

Price: $435.00

Military Sword Rapier ^ Circa 1550

The prelude to the modern military sword hilt. Transitional period when sword makers left off bars of earlier rapiers for easier carrying.... More

Price: $440.00

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Falchion ^ Circa 1250-1300

Few examples of the popular falchions exist from 1200-1300 AD. Possibly the rarity of specimens is because they were well used. A... More

Price: $410.00

French Briquet Sabre – NEW

Classic sabre made for the elite Imperial Guard. Special muskets and infantry swords were also made at the same time. Designed by... More

Price: $380.00

Dark Age Sword ^ Circa 700 AD

Slashing sword with a wide blade. Based on a period type used to fight the Saxons after the fall of Rome. Well... More

Price: $460.00

Long Sword

May also be referred to as the WAR SWORD or GREAT SWORD. Its great length gives increases reach, power and velocity. Long... More

Price: $490.00

German Bastard Sword ^ Circa 1510

Perfect example of a hand and a half or bastard sword (Replica number A477 from the famed Wallace collection). Proportioned as a... More

Price: $465.00

Italian Falchion ^ Circa 1510

Elaborate weapon used during the Renaissance period. Impressive heavy single edged sword designed for chopping. Used against plate and mail armour. Copy... More

Price: $435.00

Polish Sword

Poland was often embroiled in conflicts with the East. This strong serviceable sword was developed for battle that included a unique grip to fit snug... More

Price: $455.00

Oakshot Type XII A

Fine example of the sword used by civilians. Lighter than a battle sword. Excellent for un-armoured combat. Two handed grip with a... More

Price: $450.00

The Castilian Sword c1630

Truly one of the most magnificent swords put on offer. Similar in design to several swords made by expert sword makers for... More

Price: $755.00


Truly a fine weapon. Named after the decisive battle second only to Argincourt. Hand and a half type grip, well balanced and... More

Price: $515.00

18th Century Small Sword

This beauty is sometimes call the court or dress sword. Reproduced from one found in a private collection. Typical of the affluent... More

Price: $470.00

European Duelling Sword

Limited availability. Lightning quick rapier used by masters of the duel throughout Europe. Simple, elegant Renaissance style etching adorns each side of... More

Price: $440.00

Late European Bastard Sword

Handsome weapon that can be used with one hand. Excels when used with two hands for foot combat. Type used on many... More

Price: $450.00

Engish Cutlass

A very appealing and functional sword. Also called a hanger this sword was carried during the 1600’s to 1700’s. Frequently used by... More

Price: $375.00

British Five Ball Spadroon Sabre – NEW

This Naval Spadroon is a replica of the one on the wax mannequin of Lord Nelson placed on display at Westminster Abbey... More

Price: $385.00

Mercinary Schiavona Half Basket Hilt Sword – NEW

A true work of art. Favorite weapon of choice for the Venetian mercenaries. Magnificent Schiavona style sword popular throughout Europe. Guard and... More

Price: $570.00


Sure to be a favourite for the collection. Named after the fearsome battle of Towton in 1461. Full length fullered blade tapers... More

Price: $475.00

Sword of Avalon – NEW

A magnificent blade with no equal. Rising from the mists of the mythical realm of Avalon. Beautifully made with a blackened lobed... More

Price: $460.00

French Dragoon Officer Sabre – NEW

Originating from the 1793 model. Treasured by all users. Widely used by cavalry officers such as in dragoons, horse artillery and heavy... More

Price: $390.00

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Viking Dirk

Used by Norsemen around 1000AD. Took the place of the commonly used ‘sax’ or ‘seax’. Lovely looking version with brass parts. Carbon... More

Price: $230.00

Celtic skull dagger – NEW

Reminiscent of the Viking times. Skulls were often placed in sacred areas for protection from the enemy and to ward off evil.... More

Price: $175.00


Carried by Saxons, Angles, Vikings and German tribes. Large shipboard knife used for fighting in an emergency. Distinguished flat ground blade is... More

Price: $260.00

Sword of the Viking King

Our choice. Absolutely striking sword made for a king. Incredibly detailed silver plated hand made pieces. Light 79cm wide fullered fully tempered... More

Price: $560.00

Gotaland Sword

Limited availability. Classic and unusual sword for the collection. Fine example of a true ring hilt sword. Highly decorated parts have an... More

Price: $585.00

Odo Sword

Striking Viking type sword. Adorned with Viking type Germanic brass eagle embedded in the wooden grip. Pommel and guard are of antiqued... More

Price: $445.00

Damascus Viking Sword

A true fighting sword. Lovely damascus speciman found in Finland around 850-900AD. Damascus or pattern welded steel used to make the blade... More

Price: $670.00

Swedish Viking Sword

Beautiful and unique sword originally unearthed in Sweden. Well known and famous artifact of the era. Fanciful pommel and classic Viking guard.... More

Price: $475.00

Stiklestad Viking Sword

A delight to the eye. Speciman of the type used in the final battle of St Olaf during the vicious Battle of... More

Price: $470.00

Leuterit Sword

One of the swords that served generations housed in the British museum. True to the size and weight of the original complete... More

Price: $485.00

Fighting Sax

Wicked fighting knife based on the ancient Nordic Seax. Solid useful pattern similar to that crafted by Norse smiths that ranged in... More

Price: $235.00

Transitional Viking Sword ^c1100

Striking sword of the era with superb balance. Medieval sword with a Viking pommel. Enables strong hold and is fast with excellent... More

Price: $455.00

The Suontaka Viking Sword – circa mid 10C – NEW

Stunning version of the Suontaka sword found in a woman’s grave in Finland. The grave dated from 1100AD however the sword form... More

Price: $580.00

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Roman Pugio

Distinctive shaped blade used extensively in the legions. Excellent for close quarter fighting. Wood hilt paired with high carbon steel blade. Tempered... More

Price: $225.00

Spartan Lakonian

Potent close combat short sword worn by the Spartan Army. Superbly tough just like the warriors that used it. Leaf shaped blade... More

Price: $310.00

Sword of General Maximus From the film GLADIATOR

Collector item. Very impressive sword fit for a champion. Fittings are 18K gold plated. High carbon steel 76cm blade. Very detailed wood... More

Price: $560.00


Favoured close combat weapon dating back to the Roman Short Sword. Worn for hundreds of years by warriors from Persia to the... More

Price: $130.00

Gladius – Maintz Pattern

Originals were excavated from the ruins of Pompeii. Wasp wasted blade with a long point. More popular choice of the two designs.... More

Price: $385.00

Gladius – The Pompeii

Principla sidearm used by the Roman Army. Practical, efficient and excellent for close combat. Not waisted with a shorter point and easier... More

Price: $365.00

Gladiator Sword

Fight for your life in the arena. Gladiator sword based on the Iberian version. Short blade for powerful cuts and fast thrusts.... More

Price: $330.00

Celtic Battle Sword

One of four swords selected from the Roman epic The Eagle. Meticuluosly reproduced from the actual prop used in the film. Characteristic... More

Price: $325.00

Roman Eagle Gladius

Another of four swords selected from the Roman epic The Eagle. Incredible gladius truly worthy of any Roman officer. Meticuluosly reproduced from... More

Price: $415.00

Centurion Gladius

A regal piece for any proud Centurion. Beautiful hand forged gladius. Hand finished solid wood handle complimented by antiqued parts. Has a... More

Price: $425.00

The Savior Sword From the film GLADIATOR

Collector item. Beautifully made. Includes wall plaque. Highly detailed wood and brass hilt. Full tang high carbon steel 53.3cm blade. Overall length... More

Price: $470.00

Arena Sword From the film GLADIATOR

Collector item. Eye catching finish. Ornate hilt fitting for the discerning buyer. Full tang high carbon steel blade 53.3cm. Overall length 77.5cm.... More

Price: $395.00

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Classic Hoplite

One of the finest weapons coming from the 5th Century. Leaf shaped blade very popular throughout the ancient world. Used in place... More

Price: $315.00


Worn by the Greek warrior on his belt. Last ditch defence weapon and utility knife. Blade 25cm high carbon steel. Steel and... More

Price: $190.00


Considered to be from Greek origin spreading then into Russia and Spain. Inward curving blade designed to deliver more impact during battle.... More

Price: $355.00

Greek Kopis

A very effective weapon able to split bronze helms and wooden shields. Widespead use accross the Greek Isles, even in enemy Persia.... More

Price: $310.00

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Middle East

Russian Kindjal

Originating in th Georgian Republic of Russia. Military issue version used well into mid 20th Century. Best known as a Cossack weapon... More

Price: $190.00

Persian Kard with Damascus blade

Nobility status symbol, weapon and utility knife all in one. Very popular in Persia and throughout the Middle East. Unique 512 layer... More

Price: $250.00

Russian Shasqua

Cossack weapon used on horseback. This sword type made the official officer’s sword of the Soviet Union. Brass pommel is marked with... More

Price: $375.00


Beautiful and romantic sword. The original style called a shamshir (lion’s tail) was too deeply curved to be effective as battle weapon.... More

Price: $455.00


Type of Charay knife originally used in Indo-Persia but popularity quickly spread accross the near east. Famed for its use against the... More

Price: $320.00


Difficult to find an age for this exotic knife estimated to be around the 15th Century. This style is of the type... More

Price: $165.00

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Wallace Claymore

Type used by Wallace and his band of lowlanders when they routed the British in 1297. Wallace continued on to lay waste... More

Price: $520.00

Braveheart – Sword of William Wallace

Famous sword carried by Mel Gibson in the original production. Exact version as was carried on set. Impressive broadsword with full tang... More

Price: $545.00

Two Hand Claymore

Carried by the Scots in their struggle against their bitter enemies, the English. A devasting weapon in the hands of a brawny... More

Price: $525.00

Brass Basket Hilt Claymore

Faithful reproduction of a sword found on Culloden Moor Equal to any claymore weilded in battle by Scottish clansmen. Typical fullered, double... More

Price: $515.00

Scottish Battle Sword

Massive Lowland Claymore asserted to have belonged to Robert The Bruce himself. Huge sword designed to wreak havoc on armour in battle.... More

Price: $520.00

Scottish Cutlass ^ Circa 1690

A cutlass used to unleash the adventurous spirit on the wide seas. Scottish born Captain Kidd most likely would have favoured this... More

Price: $455.00

Eglinton Basket hilt Sword – NEW

Mid 18th Century Scottish Basket Hilt Back Sword from a group of about a dozen known examples. Most are mounted with presumably... More

Price: $570.00

Sword of Robert the Bruce cica 1300 – NEW

This heroic sword is as powerful as the man himself. Used during the period of Robert the Bruce who led the Scots... More

Price: $410.00

Scottish Dagger – NEW

Handsome dagger used primarily for defence. Worn in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Represents a style of dagger used in the... More

Price: $195.00

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Sword of Malta

Limited run. Magnificent sword featuring a steel pommel with a deeply carved cross of the Brotherhood. The cross gave a point of... More

Price: $485.00

Masonic Knights Templar Sword

A truly magnificent and beautiful piece of art. A symbol of modern knighthood and tradition of honour and chivalry. This fraternal sword... More

Price: $545.00

Sword of the Knights Templar – The Accolade

Magnificent sword worthy of any Grand Master or knight. The creed of the Knights Templar is embossed onto the blade reading; Non... More

Price: $595.00

The Accolade letter opener – NEW

Meticulous research has gone into this letter opener. Design associated with the Knights Templar, one of the most well known military orders... More

Price: $130.00

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Military Sword Rapier

The prelude to the modern military sword hilt. Transitional period when sword makers left off bars of earlier rapiers for easier carrying.... More

Price: $440.00

Musketeers Rapier

A necessary second weapon to back up the cumbersome musket. Ambidextrous basket hilt with a mix of both cup-hilt and swept-hilt styles.... More

Price: $545.00

Musketeer Main Gauche

Matching gauche for the Musketeer rapier. Carried at the back for a left hand draw. Often brought into play with the rapier... More

Price: $270.00

Spanish Bilbo

Saw service on both sides of the law across the ‘Spanish Main’. Most effective hand protection ever devised. Light sword capable of... More

Price: $495.00

Pilsen Rapier

From an old catalogue of antique German weapons. Very unusual knot shaped basket unlike any other. Light, quick sword with nice hand... More

Price: $535.00

Florentine Rapier

A very handsome rapier. Derived from the Italian’s first form of fighting with a rapier and dagger, referred to as the ‘Florentine... More

Price: $530.00

17th Century Italian Rapier

Deadly effective duelling weapon. Beautifully crafted 17th Century rapier with a very complex hilt and faceted pommel. Fully tempered 90cm x 2cm... More

Price: $545.00

Deschaux Rapier

Romantic symbol of the Renaissance period. Efficient hand-to-hand combat weapon with graceful, artistic lines. Perfectly suited for swift moves during a duel.... More

Price: $550.00

Left Hand Deschaux Dagger

Small partner for the Deschaux rapier. Coordinates nicely as part of the set. Is referred to as the ‘Ring Hilt’ dagger. Worn... More

Price: $245.00

European Duelling Sword

Limited availability. Lightning quick rapier used by masters of the duel throughout Europe. Simple, elegant Renaissance style etching adorns each side of... More

Price: $455.00

Brandenburg Rapier

Stunning 17th Century rapier with a dashing aristocratic look. Expertly crafted swept and twisted metal basket. Extended custom engraved ricasso gives extra... More

Price: $535.00

Christus Imperit Rapier – NEW

A must-have for the collection. Flamboyant example of a similar rapier currently housed in the Royal Armouries (formerly the Tower of London).... More

Price: $590.00

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Customer Comments

The quality of the sword has exceeded all expectations. It is in my view, an accurate replica of Ulfberht sword which has been on my bucket list for a long time. This is a perfect start to my collection and I look forward to purchasing from you in the future.


Sword arrived today. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks very much.


I have received the Scottish Battle Sword and it exceeded my expectations. It’s very impressive! I look forward to purchasing more items in the future.


I have bought many swords from all over Australia. I have imported swords from Canada, America & the UK, and yours is the first I have ever received that was A1. Even the small trivial things were perfect, such as a snug scabbard, with no marks on the leather covering and as for the sword itself WOW AWESOME right down to the rivets. I have no hesitation in recommending your site to anyone looking to buy a sword, be it their first or just another addition to their armoury.


The Viking King sword arrived yesterday and was awesome. Thanks for the help.


My son is absolutely delighted with his sword. I am sure he will be ordering more from you later.


Just got the sword, it is fantastic. Could not be happier. I’m eagerly awaiting the next one now.


Many thanks for the speedy service and quality goods. All received in mint condition.


I’m delighted with the sword and am very happy with it. I hope to add to my new collection in the near future.


My order arrived today, both items look great, very happy with my order. Thanking you for the quick shipping too.


The machete arrived last week in superb condition. Excellent delivery and prompt service overall. Many thanks.


I have received the sword and we used it for the first time this week at our parade. Thank you, we are all very impressed!


I will spread the word here in Sydney and keep Sword World in mind for further orders.


I am very happy with the pace stick. Thank you.


Thank you for your services. The scabbard was a perfect fit.


The sword is beautiful and I am extremely happy. Thank you once again for all your help. I will certainly be letting anyone who is interested know where I purchased it from. Your quality of service is outstanding.


I saw the sword was delivered today, and it is brilliant! Thanks for the work you have done, everything has been top quality, we are very very happy.


The dirk arrived today, thanks very much. It is beautiful! I’m sure to shop some more on your wonderful store!


My pace stick has arrived as ordered. It looks fantastic. The quality is astounding, Thanks very much.


The sword arrived today and as far as I can see it is in perfect condition. It is truly magnificent and thank you so much for your rapid and incredibly efficient service. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.


Thank you for the beautiful CSM cane. My son said he will treasure this wonderful gift. Many thanks again for the prompt service.


Your efforts and your product facilitated an incredibly wonderful experience for our family and friends. We are totally thrilled not only with the stunning craftsmanship of the sword but the fact is we now have an engraved and personal keepsake to stay in the family. I’m so glad I literally stumbled across your website.


The sword arrived today, many thanks. Looks great!


Just to let you know that I received the 3 x minature swords in presentation boxes. Have viewed one and it looks wonderful.


My pace stick arrived safe and sound. You are right- it is a fantastic piece.


I was really impressed with the CSM cane that I bought a while ago. So much so that I have ordered another one.


Thanks very much for your support. We will be sure to pass on to our friends that Sword World has given us excellent service.


I brought home my Basket Hilt sword and showed it to my wife. She said WOW!!!! just like I did. It’s a real beauty, I’m very delighted and happy with it. Thank you Sword World.


I am happy to inform you that the sword has arrived and I am very pleased. Its beauty is without match and sits handsomely amongst my collection.


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