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New Product

Faithkeeper – Sword of the Knights Templar – NEW

Tough and beautiful. The driving force behind the Order of the Knights Templar was faith. Faith in God, faith in their mission and faith...More

Price: $620.00

Half Basket Hilt Mortuary Sword — NEW

The mortuary sword has very close ties to the English basket-hilt and is sometimes referred to as the English half-basket. Has a typical full...More

Price: $570.00

The Sword Excalibur — NEW

This is an absolute beauty to behold. The stunning leather finish by itself sets it apart from many similar swords. Rarely have we been struck...More

Price: $595.00

Gold Coast Cutlass — NEW

Unique cutlass destined to be worn by the meanest pirate captain. Eye catching design. Entire sword given an antiqued finish by master craftsmen. Guard has a pierced,...More

Price: $455.00

The Conqueror Sword — NEW

The turning point in English history – 1066AD. This being the date of the Norman invasion led by Duke William ‘The Conqueror’ – soon to...More

Price: $610.00

Lionheart Helmet —- NEW

A royal helmet fit for a king. All metal Lionheart helmet weathered with an aged brass crown. Accentuated detail with rivets on the rim. Adjustable...More

Price: $415.00

Helmet of General Maximus — NEW

Worthy of any Roman General. From the classic motion picture Gladiator – based on the screen -worn prop. Made of hand worked steel with a...More

Price: $550.00

Greco Roman Red Crest Helmet — NEW

Spectacular crested helm originally appeared in a more primitive form in Greece around 350BC but became popular within the Roman Empire. Were used by...More

Price: $530.00

Greco Roman Black Crest Helmet — NEW

Spectacular crested helm originally appeared in a more primitive form in Greece around 350BC but became popular within the Roman Empire. Were used by Legionnaires,...More

Price: $530.00

Accolade Dagger of the Knights Templar — NEW

Striking medieval dagger a companion piece to match the Accolade sword. High carbon steel 27cm x 6cm blade has the seal of the Knights Templar...More

Price: $290.00

Maldon Viking Sword — NEW

This formidable and near legendary fighting blade is light, agile and resilient. Feared and influential in Norse martial heritage. Ideal for fighting armed with a...More

Price: $570.00

Crusader Sword of Tancred — NEW

Prince Tancred (Tancrede de Hauteville) was a Norman lord, one of the first to join the Crusades in 1096. He achieved many victories during the...More

Price: $570.00

Maldon Seax — NEW

One of the most practical and functional designs is one that is not widely known, the Viking Sax. This Maldon sax is a size...More

Price: $310.00

Leif Erikson Sword — NEW

The famous son of Erik the Red is credited as the first Viking ever to reach the shores of North America. This remarkable sword...More

Price: $630.00

Ashdown Viking Sword — NEW

In 871AD the young Prince Alfred, later known as Alfred the Great, valiantly led the army of the King of Wessex to a glorious...More

Price: $615.00

Viking Ulfberht — NEW

Copied from a sword shown in Ian Pierce’s book ‘Sword of the Viking Age’. A quantum leap in both technology and design of the...More

Price: $480.00

Pace stick. Racer style — NEW —- Rosewood lacquer with brass fittings

Well made and professionally presented. New dimensions for this style. Dimensions 965mm x 35mm x 20mm wide. Being used by WO training Team. Comes...More

Price: $280.00

Racer Pace Stick — NEW — Black lacquer & silver parts

Well made with detailed presentation. New dimensions for this style. Measures 965mm x 35mm x 20mm wide. Being used by WO Training Team. Comes with a...More

Price: $280.00

Medici Dagger — NEW

Beautiful representation. Truly a work of art. Courtly ring dagger embellished with the House of Medici (14C) regal presence as well as fulfilling the function...More

Price: $275.00

French Cavalry Officer’s Sabre

A  classic and elegant sword. Although this looks like a typical 19th Century Napoleonic era sword it is in fact a modern version. The...More

Price: $470.00

Austro Hungarian Hussar’s Officer Sabre – circa 1710-1790

The striking blade shape of this sabre was copied extensively at the time. Hussars were an elite light cavalry coming from Serbia. This sabre...More

Price: $475.00

Late Scottish Battle Sword

This is an absolute gem. A version of this magnificent sword is housed in the Royal Armories in Leeds. Has an intricate wire basket...More

Price: $645.00

Italian Short Sword NEW

An important addition to the sword collection. The Italians seemed to favour short wide blades such as the Cinquedea as is  apparent in this...More

Price: $440.00

Kirpan Traditional Sikh Knife NEW

A Kirpan is a traditional Sikh knife carried as part of a religious commandment. Guru Gobind Singh stated in 1699 that Sikhs should always...More

Price: $235.00

Afghan Choora NEW

The Afghan Choora is a large rugged and rustic knife used by the tribes of the Khyber Pass either in camp or battle. A similar...More

Price: $245.00

LIONHEART – Sword of King Richard

A truly magnificent sword. One befitting King Richard I the Lionheart “Coeur de Lion” the greatest leader of the Third Crusades and master battlefield...More

Price: $670.00

Trench Fighting Knife — NEW

Original hand made from a cut down GEW 98 Mauser bayonet. Seen in the book ‘Fighting Knives’ by Frederick J. Stephens. Used in hand...More

Price: $145.00

Zulu Iklwa Spear – NEW

A must for any collection or just for show. The spear readily identified as one of the early Zulu nation weapons. Famous short shafted...More

Price: $185.00

Celtic skull dagger

Reminiscent of the Viking times. Skulls were often placed in sacred areas for protection from the enemy and to ward off evil. This large...More

Price: $230.00

Leather Viking Helmet – NEW

Well made helmet that has the authentic Viking look. Perfect for the re-enactors. Lighter and more versatile than steel. Made from thick harness grade...More

Price: $270.00

The Ripper Tune Hunting Knive

Small but impressive DINGO hunting knife. This is the one to get. Beautifully made and proportioned sleek look. 1095 carbon steel blade will take...More

Price: $95.00

The Top Notch – NEW

Stylish and different. Functional Damascus blade hunting knife. Nicely proportioned bone and wood mix handle with brass spacer. Finger grip adds some style. Blade...More

Price: $170.00

The Select Bone

Beautifully hand made DINGO hunting knife. 5.5 inch Damascus full tang blade holds a sharp edge. Bone/stag 4.5 inch handle with brass bolster and...More

Price: $175.00

The Duck Nutz – NEW

The Duck Nutz is the good looker. A hunting knife that features a functional Damascus blade to suit the discerning buyer. Stylish blade complimented...More

Price: $170.00

The Two Tone Bone

Simply elegant handmade DINGO knife. 4.5 inch surgical steel full tang blade High quality steel that will not rust. 4 inch olivewood bone combination...More

Price: $130.00

Viking Dragon Axe – NEW

A great choice to add to your Viking gear. All Nordic warriors used to hold their weapons in great reverence. The Viking’s equipment used...More

Price: $185.00

The Accolade letter opener – NEW

Beautiful and epic miniature sword letter opener. Meticulous research has gone into the making of this letter opener. Design associated with the Knights Templar,...More

Price: $130.00

Archer’s Axe – NEW

Always carried by the archers for close combat fighting. A perfect choice to double as a working and fighting weapon. The flat pole was...More

Price: $170.00

Scottish Dirk

Period 1650AD. Developed from the ballock knife of medieval Europe. Blade 30cm etched with traditional Scottish foliage and thistle motif. Black wooden handle carved...More

Price: $275.00

Medieval Huntsman Axe – NEW

An intimidating weapon. Deadly axe has a thick wooden shaft to prevent slipping when used on horseback. Imposing high carbon steel axe head securely...More

Price: $185.00

The Accolade letter opener – NEW

Meticulous research has gone into this letter opener. Design associated with the Knights Templar, one of the most well known military orders of all...More

Price: $130.00

Horseman’s Axe – NEW

The ‘high-tech’ weapon of the age. An excellent fighting axe especially designed for war. The axe blade could split mail, helms and shields and...More

Price: $165.00

The Best Mate Hunting Knife

Take your choice, whichever you choose you are getting the best. Strong and sharp handmade Damascus steel blade. Select either bone, horn or walnut...More

Price: $170.00

Celtic Skull Dagger – NEW

Reminiscent of Viking times. Skulls were often placed in sacred areas For protection against the enemy and to ward off evil. This large dagger...More

Price: $175.00

Scottish Dagger – NEW

Handsome dagger used primarily for defence. Worn in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Represents a style of dagger used in the mid 17th...More

Price: $180.00

The Turned Up Bone

The Turned Up Bone Damascus steel hunting knife is an unusual handmade curved style DINGO knife. 5 inch high quality surgical steel blade that...More

Price: $130.00

The Brute

A real hunting knife handful. Top quality Damascus sharpened blade. Striking bone and horn handle, brass spacers and Damascus fittings. Overall length 33cm. Handle...More

Price: $295.00

The Bone Beauty

Eye catching detail in this DINGO knife. 6 inch Damascus full tang blade that holds a sharp edge. Hand filing on back of the...More

Price: $230.00
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Customer Comments

Thank you for your very prompt service and the very high quality of the product. I bought the Scottish Dirk circa 1600’s and am thrilled with the quality and detail. I have worn it on several occasions already and plan to keep wearing it. I am saving up now for my next purchase.  GR QLD


I just wanted to thank you for being so accommodating and helpful in helping me select my first proper sword to begin my collection. It was an absolute pleasure to buy from you. The sword itself was fantastic quality out of the box. Your willingness to let me inspect the products before purchase and understanding when it came to my financial situation at the time has certainly guaranteed you a repeat customer.  JB WA


The quality of the sword has exceeded all expectations. It is in my view, an accurate replica of Ulfberht sword which has been on my bucket list for a long time. This is a perfect start to my collection and I look forward to purchasing from you in the future.


Sword arrived today. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks very much.


I have received the Scottish Battle Sword and it exceeded my expectations. It’s very impressive! I look forward to purchasing more items in the future.


I have bought many swords from all over Australia. I have imported swords from Canada, America & the UK, and yours is the first I have ever received that was A1. Even the small trivial things were perfect, such as a snug scabbard, with no marks on the leather covering and as for the sword itself WOW AWESOME right down to the rivets. I have no hesitation in recommending your site to anyone looking to buy a sword, be it their first or just another addition to their armoury.


The Viking King sword arrived yesterday and was awesome. Thanks for the help.


My son is absolutely delighted with his sword. I am sure he will be ordering more from you later.


Just got the sword, it is fantastic. Could not be happier. I’m eagerly awaiting the next one now.


Many thanks for the speedy service and quality goods. All received in mint condition.


I’m delighted with the sword and am very happy with it. I hope to add to my new collection in the near future.


My order arrived today, both items look great, very happy with my order. Thanking you for the quick shipping too.


The machete arrived last week in superb condition. Excellent delivery and prompt service overall. Many thanks.


I have received the sword and we used it for the first time this week at our parade. Thank you, we are all very impressed!


I will spread the word here in Sydney and keep Sword World in mind for further orders.


I am very happy with the pace stick. Thank you.


Thank you for your services. The scabbard was a perfect fit.


The sword is beautiful and I am extremely happy. Thank you once again for all your help. I will certainly be letting anyone who is interested know where I purchased it from. Your quality of service is outstanding.


I saw the sword was delivered today, and it is brilliant! Thanks for the work you have done, everything has been top quality, we are very very happy.


The dirk arrived today, thanks very much. It is beautiful! I’m sure to shop some more on your wonderful store!


My pace stick has arrived as ordered. It looks fantastic. The quality is astounding, Thanks very much.


The sword arrived today and as far as I can see it is in perfect condition. It is truly magnificent and thank you so much for your rapid and incredibly efficient service. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.


Thank you for the beautiful CSM cane. My son said he will treasure this wonderful gift. Many thanks again for the prompt service.


Your efforts and your product facilitated an incredibly wonderful experience for our family and friends. We are totally thrilled not only with the stunning craftsmanship of the sword but the fact is we now have an engraved and personal keepsake to stay in the family. I’m so glad I literally stumbled across your website.


The sword arrived today, many thanks. Looks great!


Just to let you know that I received the 3 x minature swords in presentation boxes. Have viewed one and it looks wonderful.


My pace stick arrived safe and sound. You are right- it is a fantastic piece.


I was really impressed with the CSM cane that I bought a while ago. So much so that I have ordered another one.


Thanks very much for your support. We will be sure to pass on to our friends that Sword World has given us excellent service.


I brought home my Basket Hilt sword and showed it to my wife. She said WOW!!!! just like I did. It’s a real beauty, I’m very delighted and happy with it. Thank you Sword World.


I am happy to inform you that the sword has arrived and I am very pleased. Its beauty is without match and sits handsomely amongst my collection.


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