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US Revolution/Civil War

Union Army – 1860 Light Cavalry Sabre

Hand made detailed reproduction of this legendary sabre. Originally copied from an earlier French issue sabre. Effective long curving blade made it... More

Price: $275.00

Union Army – 1860 Cavalry Officer’s Sabre

Expertly hand chased and engraved three-branched guard with brass pommel. Black quality leather wire bound handle compliments the guard. Beautifully etched 84cm... More

Price: $360.00

Union Army – 1850 Staff and Field Officer’s Sword

Sword has a high degree of ornamentation to reflect the carrier rank. Used also previously in the Indian campaigns by high ranking... More

Price: $370.00

Confederate Army – Cavalry Sabre

Most widely used version of the swords and sabres used during the conflict. This very distinctive sabre has a guard similar to... More

Price: $280.00

Confederate Army – Calvary Officer’s Sabre

Just like the original. Carried by many a cavalry raider during the Civil War. Fine detail is evident on the crisp etching... More

Price: $350.00

Confederate Army – Staff and Field Officer’s Sword

Beautiful reproduction of the Boyle, Gamble and McFee sword. Etching on the 79cm blade includes the CSA marking, cannon and battle flag.... More

Price: $370.00

Heavy Cavalry Sabre

Authentic 1840 model replica of the historic sabre well known as the ‘wrist breaker’. Accurate to the highest detail. Three branch brass... More

Price: $360.00

Nashville Plow Works Cavalry Sabre

Unique sample of US war history. Nashville Plow Works converted from producing farm machinery to arms manufacture at the outbreak of the... More

Price: $385.00

American Revolution Sabre

A piece of early American history ideal for the collection. Well balanced, fast sword designed for the mounted fighter. Hand made hilt... More

Price: $350.00

1840 NCO Sword

Carried by American soldiers for over 70 years. Used in the Mexican War, American Civil War and the Spanish American War. Entire... More

Price: $260.00

1860 US Naval Cutlass

Something unique for the armoury that looks a treat. Expert reproduction of the original 1860 Ames design cutlass. Hand forged high carbon... More

Price: $350.00

Masonic Knights Templar Sword

A truly magnificent and beautiful piece of art. A symbol of modern knighthood and tradition of honour and chivalry. This fraternal sword... More

Price: $525.00

Civil War Bugle

Price: $85.00

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Fighting Knife NEW

Original hand made from a cut down GEW 98 Mauser bayonet. Seen in the book ‘Fighting Knives’ by Frederick J. Stephens. Used... More

Price: $140.00

WWI Italian Dagger

A very effective fighting knife. This example is believed to be Italian non-issue. Can be seen in the book ‘Fighting Knives’ by... More

Price: $180.00

WWII SS M33 Dagger

A collectors treasure. All materials have been researched and selected for authenticity. Based directly on an original model of the 1933 SS... More

Price: $190.00

Great Britain WWI Trench Sword

Made famous by the Royal Welsh Fuziliers legendary for their fierce, brutal style of hand-to-hand fighting during the Battle of Messines Ridge... More

Price: $180.00

Patton Sword

Designed in 1910 by George Patton – then a Lieutenant . Finely crafted sword commonly attached to the trooper’s saddle. Easy grip... More

Price: $345.00

Australian Florin Fighting Knife

From the land down under. The Ausssie way to get the point across. Based on an original from WWII complete with a... More

Price: $165.00

E.G.Waterman WWII US Fighting Knife

Favourite trench knife carried by the GI’s. Reproduced in painstaking detail. Based on an original described as an E.G.Williams Fighting Knife and... More

Price: $135.00

German WWII Trench Knife

Quality reproduction of the WWII trench knife. Can be worn on the belt or used as a boot knife. High carbon steel... More

Price: $105.00

German Officer WWII Dagger

Authentic museum quality dagger based on an original. Issued in May 1935 the dagger was designed by Paul Casburg. Features high carbon... More

Price: $185.00

Nichols US GI WWII Fighting Knife

Unique shape is truly beautiful. This private purchase knife used by US troops was made by a metal sculptor from Nebraska, Floyd... More

Price: $145.00

Russian NR40 WWII Recon Knife

Introduced in 1940 and primarily used by Russian recon and para units. Many variations in material and design but the specifications remained... More

Price: $95.00

WWII Custom Fighting Knife

A real beauty for the collector! Meticulously made from a 1947 original made by a famous maker of the day. Double edge... More

Price: $145.00

M3 Style Fighting knife

Can still be found in service throughout the world. Works equally well as a field knife or for self defence. This basic... More

Price: $95.00

DRK Officer’s Dagger

A collector’s treasure. Authentic museum quality dagger based directly on an original of the time. The German Red Cross (Deutsches Rptes Kreuz... More

Price: $255.00


TENO (Technische Notilfe) subordinate hewer and frog. Includes portepee. Beautifully made museum quality dagger with all steel nickel plated 24cm blade. Correct... More

Price: $275.00

Italian Officer’s Dagger

Stunning dagger carried by Italian officers dating from WWII. Direct replica from the original right down to the original materials used. Hollow... More

Price: $210.00

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Scottish Cutlass ^ Circa 1690

A cutlass used to unleash the adventurous spirit on the wide seas. Scottish born Captain Kidd most likely would have favoured this... More

Price: $470.00

Primitive Scottish Dirk

A must have item for the highlander. The first step toward the ornate Scottish Dirk as we know today. Early dirk that... More

Price: $180.00

Early Scottish Dirk

Made by highlanders to be able to used alone . Also can be used with a shield or sword or with a... More

Price: $210.00

Scottish Dirk

Period 1650AD. Developed from the ballock knife of medieval Europe. Blade 30cm etched with traditional Scottish foliage and thistle motif. Black wooden... More

Price: $220.00

Basket Hilt Claymore

Faithful reproduction of a sword found on Culloden Moor Equal to any claymore weilded in battle by Scottish clansmen. Typical fullered, double... More

Price: $535.00

Scottish Cutlass

Modelled on the type seen in period art of the time. A capable weapon ready for the unknown. Typifies the adventuruos image... More

Price: $445.00

Fighting Dirk

A great custom designed knife. Light,long, thin double edege fullered blade. Durable and attractive solid hardwood grip. Steel parts to balance the... More

Price: $175.00

Scottish Sgian

Period approx. 1650AD Traditionally worn in stocking of Highlanders Overall length 17cm Nikel plated blade 8cm. Black wooden handle Embossed wooden sheath... More

Price: $75.00

Celtic Skull Dagger – NEW

Reminiscent of Viking times. Skulls were often placed in sacred areas For protection against the enemy and to ward off evil. This... More

Price: $175.00

Scottish Dagger – NEW

Handsome dagger used primarily for defence. Worn in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Represents a style of dagger used in the... More

Price: $180.00

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Assam Rifles Kukri

Issued to Gurhka Assam Rifles Regiment. Overall length 43cm. Blade 30cm double fullered with ‘trident’ notch. Polished native hardwood handle reinforced by... More

Price: $140.00

Officer’s Kukri

Issued to Gurkha Officers. Overall length 35.5cm. Blade 25cm. Handle contoured genuine buffalo horn with brass bolster and brass pommel. Wooden leather... More

Price: $135.00

Regimental Kukri

Original military issue kukri to Gurkha Regiments. Used by the Nepalese Gurkhas dating back to the 1850’s. Overall length 43cm. Blade 30cm... More

Price: $125.00

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M-1905 Springfield Bayonet

A collector grade reproduction. Expert replica of the original 1906 issue from the Rock Island Arsenal (RIA). Adopted by the US military... More

Price: $140.00

Long M1 Bayonet

Arguably the most desirable of all US bayonets. Next best to the real thing. Exact reproduction down to 1942 markings with flaming... More

Price: $235.00

German WWII k-98 Mauser bayonet

Reproduced in exacting detail. Taken from a mid WWII original that will fit German, Yugoslavian, Czech and K-98 models. 25cm blade made... More

Price: $135.00

1907 Bayonet with Hooked Quillion

SMLE No.1 MkIII early style bayonet reproduction. Originals of this type are scarce as WWI quillions were officially removed from issue. Blade... More

Price: $155.00

M-1917 Enfield Bayonet

Perfect for re-enactors or collectors. Classic WWI Enfield M-1917 reproduction bayonet with simulated WWI dates. This bayonet was also standard issue for... More

Price: $170.00

Jungle Carbine Bayonet

Correct bowie blade bayonet for the Enfield No.5 carbine. Blade 19.5cm marked RFI (Rifle Factory Ishapore). Overall length 30.5cm. Includes steel scabbard. More

Price: $115.00

Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet

High quality pre 1937 style bayonet with quillion. Used by the Imperial Japanese Forces from 1897 through to 1945 on all type... More

Price: $125.00

98 Butcher Blade Bayonet

Superb S 98/05 ‘Butcher Blade’ bayonet reproduction. Used by the Reichswehr between the wars and by many German police departments. Introduced by... More

Price: $185.00

Enfield Sword Bayonet NEW

Most unusual recurved polished blade. Saw service in many conflicts around the world. Good as a short sword but excelled when attached... More

Price: $235.00

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WWII British Military ENDURE Machete NEW

Machete originally made by Joseph Beal and Sons. Saw a great deal of action with the Chindits. Captures all the authentic attributes... More

Price: $245.00

US WWII Square Tip machete NEW

Unique take on the Bolo machete. Design saw use in WWI, WWII and some even used in Vietnam Factory sharp high carbon... More

Price: $225.00

1909 model US Issue Bolo Knife

Designed to be carried as a belt knife. First designed to aid US soldiers on incursions into Cuba and the Phillipines where... More

Price: $250.00

Camp Mate Machete

A great outdoor companion. Has strength, balance and durability. Does all tasks with ease with the aid of a small section of... More

Price: $125.00

1917 model US Issue Bolo Knife

Used by the US military from the turn of the Century to to WWII. First issued to field medical personnel and later... More

Price: $215.00

Genesis Machete

Versatile machete ready for any occasion. Meant to be worn over the shoulder for an underhand left-side draw. Well tempered sharpened high... More

Price: $220.00

SE Asian Guerilla Machete

Modelled on a machete brought back from the Vietnam War as a souvenir. Crude and field-ready to chop whatever – perfect for... More

Price: $135.00

Mbala Jungle Knife

Unusual shape but proved to be great jungle knife. Usually carried in the hand. Effective chopper because of its width at the... More

Price: $95.00

Saw Machete

Quality crafted machete with saw spine for heavy work. Has tempered stainless steel 43cm blade. Sure fit rubber grip with strong plastic... More

Price: $85.00

Gigantic Ceremonial Kukri

Something unique. This is a huge weapon! The original official military issue kukri. Used for traditional sacred Ghurkha ceremonies. Polished steel blade... More

Price: $220.00

USMC WWII Combat Machete

Unusual and effective battle ready reproduction based on an original version. Heavy duty hand forged high carbon steel blade 28.5cm x 5mm... More

Price: $145.00

Luftwaffa Machete

Originals of these machetes are rarely seen. WWII German Luftwaffe Survival machete used primarily by bomber crews on the Eastern Front. Blade... More

Price: $140.00

US WWII Survival Machete

A unique and practical cutting tool based on an original. Issued by the US Army Air Force during WWII as part of... More

Price: $175.00

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Engish Cutlass

A very appealing and functional sword. Also called a hanger this sword was carried during the 1600’s to 1700’s. Frequently used by... More

Price: $375.00

Scottish Cutlass

Captain Kidd would have wanted this sword. Excellent hand protection from blows in close quarters. Scottish basket-hilt married to a cutlass blade.... More

Price: $430.00

Pirates Companion

Trusty cutlass for many a seafaring rogue. Stout sword as rugged as the original. Beautiful brass basket and hardwood grip. Sturdy 76cm... More

Price: $285.00

Pirate Captain’s Hanger

Beat back the hordes storming the galley. Beautiful antiqued brass and steel hilt. Fully tempered high carbon steel 66cm x 3cm blade.... More

Price: $295.00

Spanish Bilbo

Saw service on both sides of the law across the ‘Spanish Main’. Most effective hand protection ever devised. Light sword capable of... More

Price: $435.00

High Seas Pirate Falchion

Many military style falchions found their way on board the pirate ship. This design was perfectly sized for on-board combat and capable... More

Price: $240.00

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Searles Bowie

Copied from blacksmith Daniel Searles own bowie Period 1830s emanating from Baton Rogue, Louisiana Overall length 31cm Blade 19cm x 3.5cm wide... More

Price: $140.00

1840 Buffalo Horn Handle Bowie

Greatly prized big bowie Early Western trappers defensive weapon Overall length 35.5cm Blade 23cm x 4.5cm wide Buffalo horn handle with steel... More

Price: $175.00

Union Soldier’s Bowie

Based on northern states pattern common to the era. Useful multi purpose version. Solid blade 23cm x 4cm wide. Guard and pommel... More

Price: $140.00

Fighting Dirk

Custom designed fighting knife. Long, thin and light. Overall length 37.5cm. Fullered blade 25cm x 2.5cm. Durable and attractive hardwood grip with... More

Price: $130.00

Western Dagger

Based on 1860’s design Davy Crockett style Double edge blade One edge sharp – one used for rough work Blade 25cm x... More

Price: $145.00

1840 Bowie

A good looking bowie. Steel guard, pommel and spacers. Bone scale pieces pinned to full profile tang. High carbon steel 25cm blade.... More

Price: $160.00

American Revolution Rifleman’s Knife

Often carried by civilians during the American Revolution. Large fighting knife also used on a daily basis for camp chores. Early cousin... More

Price: $155.00

Great Western Bowie

Nothing small about this giant. Supremely functional, solid and good looking. Sturdy 25cm blade. Solid wood and brass pinned handle. Overall length... More

Price: $170.00

Horn Handled Bowie

Popular choice commonly used around 1820-1840s Overall length 39.5cm Blade 26cm Black pinned handle and brass furniture Leather sheath included More

Price: $160.00

Maritime Bowie

Hardy sea workhorse beautifully reproduced. Solid full-tang construction. Overall length 40.5cm. Blade 26.5cm with wide shallow fuller. Handle scales are camel bone... More

Price: $185.00

Coffin Handled Bowie

Simple and elegant design. Comfortable hand grip. Top edge can be sharpened over half its length. Blade 29cm x 4cm wide. Weight... More

Price: $135.00

Arkansis Toothpick

Widely used by the American mountain men. Solid, rugged and good looking. Overall length 48.5cm. Blade 35cm x 4.5cm wide. Coffin shaped... More

Price: $155.00

Primitive Bowie

Large, light-weight and versatile. Unusual brass strip on the spine of blade. Needle point blade 33cm x 6cm. Hardwood grip 13.5cm with... More

Price: $160.00

Texas Bowie

Effective, lightweight and built to work Imposing size guaranteed to show Overall length 35cm Unbelievable 26cm blade Authentic bone handle Leather sheath More

Price: $175.00

D-Guard Bowie

Popular Confederate choice with all-purpose capabilities. Distinguishing protective steel guard. Overall length 58.5cm. Blade 45.5cm x 4.5cm wide. Hand grip contoured wood... More

Price: $195.00

Damascus ‘Cowboy’ Knife

Rugged looking all-round Old West style knife Beautiful 512 layer Damascus blade Overall length 27.5cm Blade 15cm Full profile tang Highly polished... More

Price: $155.00

New Orleans Bowie

Carried by the well dressed gentlemen of the frontier Used primarily as a fighting knife but had the looks to go with... More

Price: $150.00

Spear Point Bowie

Limited availabilty. Some frontier men preferred this version as it allowed a stronger thrust. Beautiful broad blade 24cm x 4cm. Polished buffalo... More

Price: $170.00

Old West Hunter

Rugged knife with an Old West flair. Handy for any outdoor task. Big knife with 13cm x 4cm hammer forged blade. Full... More

Price: $90.00


Worn by the Greek warrior on his belt. Last ditch defence weapon and utility knife. Blade 25cm high carbon steel. Steel and... More

Price: $130.00

HD Field Knife

This a beauty. Ideal for harsh bush work. Stout (HD) Heavy Duty knife in the true sense. Give it a beating and... More

Price: $65.00

Trail End Bowie

Exquisite bowie. Great display piece. Made to commemorate the history of the American West. Custom touches include layered spacers of real polished... More

Price: $160.00

Western Plains Knife

Well designed French trade knife with nice sweeping lines. Large knife used well-used for all purposes at the frontier. Long, wide blade... More

Price: $175.00

Hunter’s Companion Bowie

Many a portrait taken of the pioneer with this bowie at their side. Massive knife originally produced in Sheffield, England. Promoted in... More

Price: $170.00

1850 Coffin Hilt Bowie

Unusual and fancy variation of the bowie style. Has a coffin shaped wood and steel grip with nicely spaced steel tacks. Long... More

Price: $175.00

English Style Bowie

A handsome knife. Elegant copy of the English-made eastern influenced beauties. Hardwood polished scales nicely set off by solid nickel guards and... More

Price: $155.00

Damascus Indo-Persian Fighting Knife

A fearsome fighting knife. Usually thrust through a sash and worn on the same side as the fighting hand. Allows quick overhand grasp... More

Price: $265.00


Carried by Saxons, Angles, Vikings and German tribes. Large shipboard knife used for fighting in an emergency. Distinguished flat ground blade is... More

Price: $215.00

Mountain Man Bowie

Most impressive bowie. Copied from an old black and white photo of hunter-trapper Seth Kinman of California. Big, fast high carbon steel... More

Price: $165.00

Bone Grip Bowie

Intimidating by size alone. Generous full profile tang and large guard. Bone scales capped in steel. 30cm long blade swells slightly at... More

Price: $180.00

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Kirpan Traditional Sikh Knife NEW

A Kirpan is a traditional Sikh knife carried as part of a religious commandment. Guru Gobind Singh stated in 1699 that Sikhs... More

Price: $235.00

Afghan Choora NEW

The Afghan Choora is a large rugged and rustic knife used by the tribes of the Khyber Pass either in camp or battle.... More

Price: $245.00

Scottish Dagger – NEW

Handsome dagger used primarily for defence. Worn in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Represents a style of dagger used in the... More

Price: $195.00

Viking Dirk

Used by Norsemen around 1000AD. Took the place of the commonly used ‘sax’ or ‘seax’. Lovely looking version with brass parts. Carbon... More

Price: $230.00

Early 16th Century Rondel

This dashing rondel would be at home worn on the side of any noble. Probably one of the last designs of this... More

Price: $210.00

Sword Hilted Dagger

Part of every day dress from about 1200-1600AD. Usually used in battle with the sword in the other hand. Highly representative example... More

Price: $180.00

Medieval Dagger

At home on the belt of a Crusader in the Holyland. This type used daily throughout the early middle ages. Simple design... More

Price: $170.00

Naval Dirk

The Petty Officer’s dirk designed to compete with the Officer’s sword. Striking 1790’s example. Features fine bine grip wrapped with twisted brass... More

Price: $175.00


Another beauty. The original age of this exotic knife is not known. Found in every country that has been inhabited by the... More

Price: $165.00

Soldiers Dagger

A no-nonsense weapon used in an age when everyone carried a dagger at all times. The hard bitten professional would prefer this... More

Price: $185.00

Primitive Scottish Dirk

A must have item for the highlander. The first step toward the ornate Scottish Dirk as we know today. Early dirk that... More

Price: $190.00

Early Scottish Dirk

Made by highlanders to be able to used alone . Also can be used with a shield or sword or with a... More

Price: $215.00


Used as a backup weapon on the battlefield. Sometimes carried in court when swords were forbidden. Foreruuner of many long parrying daggers... More

Price: $225.00

New Coustille

Developed during the Renaissance as an all-in-one weapon. Versatile, light and big enough to carry for protection. Blade 43cm x 6cm wide.... More

Price: $270.00

Brass Hilted Rondel

The Rondel took many forms, from utilitarian to pure combat. Unlike many Rondels with plain blades this compact type has a thick,... More

Price: $220.00

Silver Hilted Dagger

A really beautiful dagger. Guard, grip and pommel all made from solid nickel silver. Fully tempered 25cm blade with attractive fuller married... More

Price: $230.00

Belt Dagger

Just right for feasting and the chores. Well balanced, polished hardwood grip with steel guard and pommel. Blade 20cm x 2.5cm fully... More

Price: $190.00

Renaissance Dagger

Attractive dagger of the type used in Europe during the Renaissance. Graceful and effective parrying dagger. Elegant guard and pommel of polished... More

Price: $190.00

High Middle Ages Dagger NEW

In Medieval Europe daggers were carried at all times. This sword hilted dagger has a curved guard and highly profiled pommel. The... More

Price: $195.00

Fighting Sax

Rugged fighting knife based on the Nordic Seax. Solid, useful pattern was crafted in sizes from 15cm to short sword length. Blade... More

Price: $210.00

Flower Rondel Dagger

Well decorated fighting knife. Perfectly suited for the court as well as the the battlefield. Styized flower motif and gleaming brass parts.... More

Price: $195.00

Fighting Dirk

A great custom designed knife. Light,long, thin double edege fullered blade. Blade 25cm x 2.5cm. Durable and attractive solid hardwood grip. Steel... More

Price: $175.00

Feasting Dagger

Handy dagger that is just right for the Medieval feast. Daggers and hands all in use at once on the table. Appealing... More

Price: $170.00

Left Hand Deschaux Dagger

Matches nicely with the three ringed Deschaux rapier. Known as the Left Hand or ‘Ring Hilt’ dagger. Often worn on the back... More

Price: $235.00

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No Products, please check back again soon.

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Thank you for your very prompt service and the very high quality of the product. I bought the Scottish Dirk circa 1600’s and am thrilled with the quality and detail. I have worn it on several occasions already and plan to keep wearing it. I am saving up now for my next purchase.  GR QLD


I just wanted to thank you for being so accommodating and helpful in helping me select my first proper sword to begin my collection. It was an absolute pleasure to buy from you. The sword itself was fantastic quality out of the box. Your willingness to let me inspect the products before purchase and understanding when it came to my financial situation at the time has certainly guaranteed you a repeat customer.  JB WA


The quality of the sword has exceeded all expectations. It is in my view, an accurate replica of Ulfberht sword which has been on my bucket list for a long time. This is a perfect start to my collection and I look forward to purchasing from you in the future.


Sword arrived today. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks very much.


I have received the Scottish Battle Sword and it exceeded my expectations. It’s very impressive! I look forward to purchasing more items in the future.


I have bought many swords from all over Australia. I have imported swords from Canada, America & the UK, and yours is the first I have ever received that was A1. Even the small trivial things were perfect, such as a snug scabbard, with no marks on the leather covering and as for the sword itself WOW AWESOME right down to the rivets. I have no hesitation in recommending your site to anyone looking to buy a sword, be it their first or just another addition to their armoury.


The Viking King sword arrived yesterday and was awesome. Thanks for the help.


My son is absolutely delighted with his sword. I am sure he will be ordering more from you later.


Just got the sword, it is fantastic. Could not be happier. I’m eagerly awaiting the next one now.


Many thanks for the speedy service and quality goods. All received in mint condition.


I’m delighted with the sword and am very happy with it. I hope to add to my new collection in the near future.


My order arrived today, both items look great, very happy with my order. Thanking you for the quick shipping too.


The machete arrived last week in superb condition. Excellent delivery and prompt service overall. Many thanks.


I have received the sword and we used it for the first time this week at our parade. Thank you, we are all very impressed!


I will spread the word here in Sydney and keep Sword World in mind for further orders.


I am very happy with the pace stick. Thank you.


Thank you for your services. The scabbard was a perfect fit.


The sword is beautiful and I am extremely happy. Thank you once again for all your help. I will certainly be letting anyone who is interested know where I purchased it from. Your quality of service is outstanding.


I saw the sword was delivered today, and it is brilliant! Thanks for the work you have done, everything has been top quality, we are very very happy.


The dirk arrived today, thanks very much. It is beautiful! I’m sure to shop some more on your wonderful store!


My pace stick has arrived as ordered. It looks fantastic. The quality is astounding, Thanks very much.


The sword arrived today and as far as I can see it is in perfect condition. It is truly magnificent and thank you so much for your rapid and incredibly efficient service. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.


Thank you for the beautiful CSM cane. My son said he will treasure this wonderful gift. Many thanks again for the prompt service.


Your efforts and your product facilitated an incredibly wonderful experience for our family and friends. We are totally thrilled not only with the stunning craftsmanship of the sword but the fact is we now have an engraved and personal keepsake to stay in the family. I’m so glad I literally stumbled across your website.


The sword arrived today, many thanks. Looks great!


Just to let you know that I received the 3 x minature swords in presentation boxes. Have viewed one and it looks wonderful.


My pace stick arrived safe and sound. You are right- it is a fantastic piece.


I was really impressed with the CSM cane that I bought a while ago. So much so that I have ordered another one.


Thanks very much for your support. We will be sure to pass on to our friends that Sword World has given us excellent service.


I brought home my Basket Hilt sword and showed it to my wife. She said WOW!!!! just like I did. It’s a real beauty, I’m very delighted and happy with it. Thank you Sword World.


I am happy to inform you that the sword has arrived and I am very pleased. Its beauty is without match and sits handsomely amongst my collection.


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